About Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander is President of the California Tax Limitation Committee. A native Californian, Mr. Alexander grew up in Huntington Park and served in the United States Marine Corps before graduating from U.S.C. Law School. He has a broad background in law, business and finance. Together with his wife, Patricia, he is a founder and managing principal of Private Trust Management Group based in Pasadena. The firm provides private trust services and investment counsel to trusts, individuals, families and retirement plans. He is involved in a number of community organizations, and together with his wife Patricia, helped found St. Monica Academy in Montrose, California. He and Patricia live in Altadena where they raised their four sons.

The Empire Strikes Back!

The Empire Strikes Back! City Attorney Provides Memo to Council Detailing Possible Dis-incorporation of Sierra Madre.  A few weeks ago, we reported exclusively on Radio Free Los Angeles that the City of Sierra Madre is threatening to “disincorporate,” i.e., shut down the city if taxpayers repeal the Utility Users Tax. Apparently, the City Council decided that it just could not – or would not – deal with its spending problem or make the changes necessary to operate within a lower budget. The Council asked the City Attorney, Theresa Highsmith, to prepare a legal memorandum about what is involved in [...]

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A Step in the Right Direction

Measure D: A Step in the Right Direction In a few short days, taxpayers in the City of Sierra Madre will have the opportunity to do something both rare and necessary: reduce taxes and say “NO” to Big Government. Sponsored by local residents Earl Richey and David McMonigle, Measure D would end the obnoxious Utility Users Tax and reduce taxes by $2.6 million a year. Even though City revenues have grown 82% since 2006, spending has kept pace. Obviously, Sierra Madre does not have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem. The City continues to hire [...]

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Solutions to Sierra Madre’s Fiscal Crisis

Solutions to Sierra Madre's Fiscal Crisis. Here are some common-sense steps to address and ultimately fix the fiscal crisis in the City of Sierra Madre. Admit You Have a Problem The first step in solving any problem is to admit that you have one.  From all appearances, the City of Sierra Madre and the majority of its residents are either unaware they have a problem or are unwilling to admit it. Like most California cities, Sierra Madre spends too much on too many things, especially employee salaries, pensions and benefits. They have spent so much and incurred [...]

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